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After more than a year of contemplation, I have been able to launch ZetaLight. I had been using Clazh Techology & Design as a temporary place to get in touch with most of my clients who contacted me regarding design work. I have been struggling to provide a professional image for my skills as a Web, UI, UX Designer. After blogging on Clazh Technology & Design for more than 3 years, I felt I had to re-brand it and sell my services on Clazh since I had access to a large existing audience, hence the redesign of Clazh which I did a few months back. After the redesign I felt it still didn’t allow me to to focus on my image as Web Designer. I wanted to break away from the mishmash of Technology and Design related articles, and separate the two. Henceforth Clazh will focus solely on technology related article like gadgets, troubleshooting, Windows, Mac, google etc.

About ZetaLight

Zeta mean Seven or has the value of Seven in the Greek numerals, ZetaLight can be translated as “Seven Light” or “Seven Colors” making a reference to the rainbow, which is a powerful representation of design elements.

ZetaLight will also act as a professional front for my services as a  Web, UI, UX Designer. With the launch of ZetaLight I hope to create a repository and showcase of my work and help market my skills to a wider audience. It should help me cut down on proving my skills to potential clients. The ZetaLight Blog will focus on Design, CSS, JavaScript, Usability, User Interface and Patterns. Also I hope to soon create a WordPress Themes Shop to sell WordPress themes.

The Design Process

One of the goals was to keep the Design Lightweight and Minimalistic, I wanted something that stood out from the regular designs. I minimized the use of images and used mostly icons to convey various areas, categories of the site. The whole design is under 90KB and loads very fast. I am still working on optimizing the images and combining them using CSS sprites.

I have an obsession with using blue color schemes in my designs which was very evident in the first version of the site. One mistake I did was to overwork on this project hence the color scheme turned out to be a mishmash, some friends were kind enough to point out the disharmony in the colors and looks. Believe it or not the second attempt took me only 3 hours or less and I really love how it turned out.

The next few months I shall be focusing on both Clazh and ZetaLight. Right now I am in process of polishing ZetaLight.

  1. Hi Arpit, Its a cool design. I call this a class design. Would be nice if you could consider the theme colour.

  2. heyy arpitt..
    nie site, and its really a nice idea to separate ur work area…alll the best :)